Image of Caiaffa Vini and Grape Agents at Anuga 2017

Caiaffa and Grape Agents meet at ANUGA

From 5th till the 9th of October the world´s biggest trade fair for food and beverages called ANUAGA took place in Cologne. That was a great occasion for Grape Agents to explore the latest news within the wine- and delicacy-world, and also to meet old friends. In this case our friends Marco Caiaffa (left) and Robert Maggi (middle) from the vineyard Caiaffa Vini from Apulia, Italy. Caiaffa is popular for their excellent organic wines with their unique character, which are part of the Grape Agents assortement, of course. To find out more about the Caiaffa wines, click on our Wines site.